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This little LED unit, which offers continuous output and runs on AA batteries, is attachable to both Nikon and Canon stills cameras. Litepanels Micro for Stills can be dialed up to supply just the right amount of light to fill unflattering shadows and bring the subject’s face and eyes to life. No more red-eye or flash fill.
The Micro for Stills features an integrated dimmer 100% to 0 and runs 1.5 hours on 4 AA cells (Alkaline) and 7-8 hours on E2 Lithium AA batteries. It works with stills and camcorders, as focusing aid in low light, close ups, and can use warming and diffusion filters.
“I recently was able to use this light source in a setting having nothing to do with a film set,” says Barry Wetcher, the first unit stills photographer to use the new Litepanels Micro for stills. “I think it can be a great tool to have attached to a camera for those moments when you need to just have a little more light to make an exposure.”
Wetcher says he likes that the Litepanels allow him to dial in the intensity of the light. “We’ve all seen DP’s hand hold LED bricks just to get a little ‘something’ on the face,” he explains. “Now in some situations, we can do the same. For example, when the cameras aren’t rolling and it’s too dark to capture a candid moment without using a flash. I also like that this unit has a built-in filter holder to help match the color temperature of source lights on the set.”


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