Glidecam X-22

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Want to go up and down stairs, shoot from moving vehicles and travel over uneven terrain without any camera instability or shake? Then check out Glidecam’s new X-22 system. “It’s a professional, body-mounted, camera stabilization system designed for film and video cameras weighing up to 25 pounds,” explains Glidecam’s Thomas Howie, who describes the product as a game changer due to its versatile, affordable footprint.

Glidecam X-22 consists of Vest, Support Arm and Sled. The Support vest has been designed with both endurance and comfort. Weight is evenly distributed so that the operator’s shoulders, back and hips don’t suffer under extended use. For safety Glidecam has incorporated quick release high impact buckles that allow for quick removal should the occasion arise. “It also has a unique and proprietary Arm-to-Vest Connector that allows the Support Arm to be attached and removed from the vest without affecting the operator’s trim settings,” Howie explains.

The Dual-Articulating Support Arm incorporates precision radial bearings and needle roller bearings for minimal friction, allowing the arm to pivot and boom smoothly with virtually no noise. “We use four high-quality titanium extension springs which act upon internal fulcrum points to provide the arm with lifting power,” Howie continues. “They are field adjustable to allow for varying camera weights. And, we use our Light-Force technology so the operator has an optimum amount of camera buoyancy or float.”

The third part of the system is the X-22 sled with an x-y adjustable head assembly that incorporates drop-in style dovetail camera play for quick front to back balance. Howie says it’s a “no-tools gimbal with four bearings inside the handle yoke connection (tilt axis) and two bearings in each side for the roll axis. The no tools Telescoping Center Post allows for easy adjustment of sled length and position of the LCD and battery.”

The Glidecam X-22 sells for $7900


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