Wind Killer from California Sunbounce

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“The Steadicam is a well-balanced camera support system that’s extremely sensitive to any kind of outside influences,” says Peter Geller, President, California SunBounce. “The balancing of the system is a precise procedure. You can imagine what the wind can do. In the past different types of wind blocks have been used. A 6-by-6 frame with a solid, or 4-by-8 foam core boards – having a camera assistant keep pace with the Steadicam operator to continuously protect the system from the wind. What they learned in the past was that the wind you block piles up on the edges and creates even more turbulence behind the object intended to block the wind.”

Enter California SunBounce’s team with a specially designed material called Wind Killer, which does not block all the wind – just 75 percent. “It is designed to let 25 percent of the wind pass (a light and even breeze) and uses this 25 percent to smooth out the wind before it hits the camera,” Geller explains. “The material is also semi-translucent and allows the assistant to look through and see the Steadicam operator and where he or she wants to go.”

The screen is sized to fit the California SunBounce MINI and PRO frames, making it an extremely lightweight and sturdy system (4.4 pounds/2000 grams) for the 4×6 Pro model – with three built in handles. On special request, the material can be custom made for up to a 20×20 foot overhead/Butterfly frame.

The price for the Wind Killer starts at $317 for the mini to $475 for the PRO, includes fabric and frame.


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