SFH-50 Remote and Motion Control Head

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With the popularity of smaller and lighter cameras, Camera Control realized they needed to tool their remote heads toward being compatible with rigs like the RED One or the popular Canon 5D DSLR for both production and stop-motion photography.

“One of the most common requests we had was for a lightweight system that could be used for time-lapse with DSLR cameras and could easily be transported in a backpack to any location,” says Camera Control’s Jason Rau.

Enter the SFH-50, designed to mount DSLR, prosumer video and RED camera systems. The head is designed to run overslung or underslung, or in almost any orientation. “The mechanics of the head are totally different to any other in its size, in that it uses extremely high-quality zero backlash gearboxes and has full digital controls so it can be used in any application, even with extremely long focal lengths and with absolute repeatability and precision,” Rau explains. “Additionally, controls for the head allow it to run from something as simple as a tiny PDA via wireless Bluetooth, a joystick controller, panbars or full-featured handwheels, as well as a full Flair motion control system.”

Weighing only 11 pounds the SFH-50 can take loads of 30 pounds or more (i.e. a fully loaded RED One or ARRI 235 as well as a DSLR with a large zoom). It is extremely accurate and repeatable and can run moves as slowly as needed, doing a pan over the course of a week if necessary, or it can be fast enough for live action.

Designed for everything from time-lapse, animation, sporting events, and motion control to university research and surveillance, this brand new Camera Control head has already been used to get interiors of everything from a Lexus to a VW on many new car commercials.

Camera Control’s (www.cameracontrol.com) SFH-50 rents for $750 a day.


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