The Space-Time Continuum

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Gravity Soars above the field in an Awards Season with few surprises. By Valentina I. Valentini.

Emmanuel Lubezki, ASC, AMC backstage after winning the Oscar for Gravity / Photo by Johnny Vy / ©A.M.P.A.S.

Last year Awards Season was mostly about throwing caution to the wind. This year, all is well in Hollywood and its myriad of algorithmic prediction polls. Beginning in September with the Emmys and culminating on the first Sunday in March with the Oscars, the frontrunner, Gravity, took most of the honors home, despite a notable pass from the Academy on Sandra Bullock’s frame dominating leading role. Read more

Tales from the Red Carpet

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Local 600 publicists put on their dancing shoes for some fancy Awards Season moves. By Pauline Rogers.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA / Courtesy of Screen Actors Awards

It’s all about fashion and fantasy, sound bites and social networking. It’s got to look easy. But even when planned down to the smallest detail, wrangling a red carpet event takes a special kind of Guild publicist. Now that we are deep into Awards Season, we thought it high time track down those intrepid behind-the-scenes personalities to find out what it takes – besides the obvious cool head, strong sense of self, and generous heart – to work a red carpet event. And, to clarify, there are two main kinds of “red carpet” events – Awards Show and Premieres – both with similar goals: selling projects and Hollywood’s bigger-than-life personalities. Read more

Island Style

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A seasoned team of Puerto Rican Guild members clears the way for the indie feature Welcome to the Jungle. By Pauline Rogers. All Photos By Francisco Roman.

On location in Puerto Rico for Welcome to the Jungle. (L to R) 1st AC Cesar Marrero, DP Eric Haase, Director Rob Meltzer

Cinematographer Eric Haase admits that the original idea for Welcome to the Jungle, an action comedy that stars as Jean Claude Van Damme as Storm, an off-kilter ex-mercenary who leads an office teamwork leadership retreat, was to have L.A. double as an uninhabited tropical. Read more

Lighting the Way

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Family and friends remember Emmy® Award winning camera operator Bruce Balton. By Pauline Rogers. All photos courtesy of the Balton Family.

“I walked onto a television set for the first time, a young, naïve girl from South Jersey, and I thought everyone would know each other except for me,” recalls Mary Balton, the wife of Emmy® Award winning Guild camera operator Rob Balton, and the force behind Balton’s company, Camera Moves. “This big guy with a booming voice walks up to me and says, ‘Hi, I am Bruce Balton.’ We chatted a little bit and I felt relieved that I had at least one friend on the set. Little did I know how he would become part of my family years later,” she reflects about marrying his brother. Read more

The Once and Future King

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The crossroads of human rights thrives for a new generation in a riveting four-decades old indie documentary. By Bob Fisher. All images courtesy of Kino Lorber.

This past August marked the 50th anniversary of one of the seminal moments in America’s history, when at the conclusion of a civil rights march on Washington that was estimated to be a crowd of some 250,000, all demanding, with a single voice, the end of racial inequality, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. put to words what all those present (and around the nation) were feeling in his mesmerizing “I Have A Dream Speech.” Read more

Color By Numbers

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MPI’S Maxine Gervais breaks down a new post workflow for Pacific Rim. By ICG Staff. All frame grab images courtesy of Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures.

It was a tough summer for Hollywood blockbusters. Many failed to live up to the sky-high box office expectations imposed by the massive budgets of today’s VFX-heavy franchise projects. Pacific Rim, produced by Chris Nolan’s Legendary Pictures, and released by Warner Bros. was one such casualty, although that wasn’t for any lack of effort on the part of the film’s dynamic creative team, which included Oscar-nominated writer/director Guillermo del Toro and Oscar-winning cinematographer Guillermo Navarro, ASC, AMC. Set in the near future, the world of Pacific Rim is under threat by huge invaders who come from beneath the sea. Mankind’s only hope is the Jaeger, a giant robot that takes two human brains linked together to operate. Read more

Freedom Road

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The most infamous and galvanizing hate crime of the Civil Rights era is brought back to life in a stirring new Hallmark Channel television feature. By Bob Fisher.

(L to R) Harrison Knight, David Alan Grier, Anika Noni Rose, Skai Jackson, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, and Bryce Clyde Jenkins / Photo by Annette Brown / Copyright 2013 Crown Media, Inc.

James Chressanthis, ASC has added another chapter to his eclectic career with the production of The Watsons Go To Birmingham. The project, airing September 20th on Hallmark Channel, integrates an intimate family story with a horrific real world hate crime that occurred during the summer of 1963 when the Ku Klux Klan planted a bomb in the 16th Avenue Baptist Church that served the African-American community in Birmingham, Alabama. Read more

Feel the Heat

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Temperatures soared at Cine Gear 2013 as vendors, exhibitors and (one of our own ICG) panels kept Paramount Studios red hot with new gear and information. By Pauline Rogers.

Local 600 Panelists (L to R): Cinematographer Brandon Trost, DIT Kevin Stanley, Steven Poster, ASC, Jeffry Jur, ASC, DIT Kevin Britton / Photo Courtesy of Tom Houghton, ASC

ICG’s near-capacity panel at Cine Gear, Precise Color Management Through On-Set Communication, was not indicative of the need to escape 100-plus temperatures that burned up the Paramount back lot a few hours after its early morning start time. The diverse mix of Guild members, film students, and industry professionals had all congregated to hear what panelists Jeffrey Jur, ASC (Dirty Dancing, Carnivale) and his D.I.T. partner on Dexter, Kevin Britton, and DP Brandon Trost (This is the End, That’s My Boy) and his D.I.T. partner Kevin Stanley on the upcoming feature Townies, had to impart about changing digital workflows. Read more

Way Down Deep

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A trio of Local 600 DPs uncover an inspiring tale of human endurance in the new Holocaust documentary No Place on Earth. By Bob Fisher. All photos courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

No Place on Earth should be required viewing. The film takes audiences on a journey some 70 years back in history to a dark time when the Nazi regime murdered approximately six million Jews during the Holocaust. Thirty-eight Jewish men, women and children, from five families, survived for 511 days by hiding in a dark, underground cave in Ukraine. Some of the younger men ventured into the outside world at night to find food and fire wood. Read more

Meta (Data) Morphing

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High-resolution workflows change the game at NAB 2013. By Valentina I. Valentini. All photos by Beth Dubber.

Two thousand less attendees at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas was an ironic reminder that anyone touting 2K gear ran the risk of being left in the entertainment industry’s technological dust. Read more

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