Deep Dive #4 | The Mandalorian

Local 600/ICG Magazine’s “Deep Dive” #4 visits with the creative team behind the recent Emmy-winning “The Mandalorian.” The Disney + megahit (the first live-action Star Wars TV series), established a revolutionary workflow in Season 1 that included volumetric capture, large-screen LED walls, game engine technology, virtual-camera based previsualization, and the closest integration of on-set capture and visual effects ever attempted. Season 2 of “The Mandalorian” built upon these innovations, establishing Creator Jon Favreau’s ambitious vision as the bellwether for all future visual effects-based productions (of any size and budget).

Local 600 Director of Photography Baz Idoine
Local 600 Director of Photography Matthew Jensen, ASC
Local 600 Director of Photography David Klein, ASC
ILM Visual Effects Supervisor Richard Bluff
Director Bryce Dallas Howard

Executive Editor David Geffner moderated the conversation, which first began in ICG Magazine’s February/March cover story on Season 1 of “The Mandalorian.”