Local 600/ICG Magazine’s “Deep Dive” #5 visits with the team behind one of this year’s most-talked-about Oscar contenders, “One Night in Miami…” The Amazon Studios feature, set in 1964 and centered on the fictionalized meeting of four Civil Rights icons, is the directing debut of Oscar, Golden Globe, and Emmy-winning actress Regina King, and was adapted by Kemp Powers from his stage play. The dialogue-heavy story, more than half of which takes place in a single room, challenged Director of Photography Tami Reiker, ASC, to bring a cinematic aesthetic, and necessitated a close collaboration with her fellow Deep Dive panelists – Production Designer Barry Robison (a two-time Art Directors Guild Award nominee), A-Camera/Steadicam Operator Chad Chamberlain, SOC, and actor Eli Goree, whose performance as Cassius Clay earned an Independent Spirit Award. The filmmakers also delve into the challenges of recreating Clay’s victory in the ring over reigning heavyweight champion Sonny Liston, as well as the social impact of telling a story that, while set early in the struggle for racial equity, could not have more relevance to America today. ICG Magazine Executive Editor David Geffner moderated the conversation, first started in ICG Magazine’s January cover story.