Deep Dive #7 | Fantasy Island

The International Cinematographers Guild (IATSE Local 600) together with ICG Magazine hosted their seventh “Deep Dive” online discussion on September 26, uniting the creative team behind the summer’s most daring reboot, Fox TV’s “Fantasy Island.”

Panelists included executive producer Anne Clements, executive producer/director Adam Kane, director of photography Sonnel Velázquez, SPC, and A-camera operator Raphy Molinary-Machado, SPC.

While Puerto Rico serves as the “club paradise” for each episode’s roster of guests having their dreams (and sometimes nightmares) take flight, the island’s challenging shooting conditions – wind, rain, mud, clouds, etc. – could only have been surmounted by a knowledgeable, locally-based production team.

Produced by Gemstone Studios/Sony Pictures Entertainment, this latest version was shot entirely in Puerto Rico, offering a strong female point of view with storylines that highlight the Caribbean Island’s lush tropical settings.