– Large 10-inch screen folds out for full-resolution HD monitoring with wide viewing angle and high brightness
– Features three separate built-in LCD monitors for camera settings and metadata entry
– Record RAW or ProRes with built-in dual CFast 2.0 card recorders
– Handles ergonomics of both large film crews and single-person use
– Choose EF or PL lens mounts, Broadcast B4 model, or HDMI model with no sensor, which allows camera body to fit third-party camera

“Ursa is exciting not only for its amazing confluence of features, price and performance, but the true innovation in user-upgradeable sensors. With 4 hex screws and some thermal paste, you can totally change your look at the sensor level, which, to me, is like being able to choose a completely different film stock.”

– Cinematographer John Brawley (Party Tricks, Offspring, Underbelly)

Pricing starts at $5,995


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