Aerial shooters will love the new Multicam Array, which takes the open-architecture Eclipse system another step forward in stabilized high-resolution plate work.

Uses six off-the-shelf 5K RED Epics (recording to RedMags) in a 3-across-by-2-rows-high configuration.
All six shooting cameras are monitored live on one screen or isolated individually.
Six images stitched together results in a seamless 12K (46-megapixel) image with 140-degree horizontal, 60-degree vertical view.
Multicam Array can be used on the ground with small cranes via a Mitchell-mount adapter.

“On Jupiter Ascending we had a sequence that needed to be shot in 15 minutes and required the closure of multiple streets in downtown Chicago. With the Multicam Array we shot 140 degrees, with six Epics [24-mm lenses] set in an array within the Eclipse, to be stitched together later. This eliminated the need for multiple passes and allowed us to shoot in real time, same light.”
Phil Pastuhov, aerial DP

The Multicam Array rents for $2,000 a day.

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